Share Templates

  1. Open the Bullet-Journal v2 app

  2. Tap on one of your Bullet Journals to open it

  3. Tap on a Journal Page to open it (Year, or Week/Day)
    Learn how to Navigate in your Journals

  4. Tap the "Gear" button in the upper right of the screen

  5. Tap the "Save, Share, Browse Templates" in the menu

  6. Tap the "Browse, Download or Share Templates" button

  7. This will open the "Local" templates list, that is templates saved on your device
    Next to each template you will see:

    • Use: The "use" button will set the template as your "Page" template

    • Share: The "share" button will only show if you haven't shared the template yet. Once you "share" a template, the share button will no longer be visible.

  8. Tap "Download New Templates" to switch to the list of "Community" templates

  9. The "Community" templates screen can take a few moments to load, be patient if you see a blank white screen.
    Note: If you are using Cellular connection to access the internet, or have a slow internet speed it could take upto 60 seconds to see the list populated.

  10. Tap "Download" next to the template you wish to add to your Library of "local" templates
    Note: To use a newly downloaded template, follow the instructions above to access your local templates.