How to create Templates

  1. Open the Bullet-Journal v2 app

  2. Tap on one of your Bullet Journals to open it

  3. Tap "Edit" on the page you want to save as a template

  4. Draw your template in the page

  5. Tap the "Save Template" button (between the "Done" and "eyedropper")

  6. Tap "Save, Share, Browse Templates"

  7. You will see 3 options on the "Template" screen that appears:

    1. Save current drawing as a template:
      This option will save the drawing currently on your page's canvas as a new template.
      Note: Currently it isn't possible to edit your template once it is saved. It is possible to make changes to a template by keeping the original drawing for the template, and after making changes Save the template once more. It is possible to delete the old template when you have the one you want saved.

    2. Reset to Bullets default:
      Tapping on this button will reset your currently selected page template back to Bullets, doing this doesn't delete the template, it just removes it from your canvas.

    3. Browse, Download or Share Templates:
      This button will open your locally saved template list. From there you can toggle to the Community Templates list, and browse for templates that you want to download and use in your own Journals.
      Learn how to use, share or download templates

  8. Tap "Save current drawing as a template"

  9. Enter a name for your Template

  10. Tap Save

  11. The "Template Manager" screen will close, and your drawing will still be on the page.
    Note: Your template is available now from the Template manager. The "Eraser Tool" will NOT erase any of your template. It will, however erase your "Drawings". With this in mind, if you are going to save the original drawing for your Template, be careful of erasing or drawing on the original.
    Learn how to use, share or download templates