How to Navigate Journals

Special Note about adding Weeks/Days

If you are using the app without a Subscription, you will only be able to add 2 Week or Day pages per Month list and only 1 year page per Journal. For unlimited Week and Day pages, please purchase a subscription.

  • Open the Bullet-Journal v2 App

  • Tap one of the Journals in your list

    • If you don't have any yet, create one using the "+"

  • The screen that you see after selecting a Journal is the Years List

    • The Years list is a collection of all the Year Pages you create for the current Journal

    • From the Years list you can also "Edit" the Journal, that is, Change the name, image, or theme color

  • At the bottom of the page there are 2 buttons: Year and Month

    • Tapping on "Year" will show the list of year pages

    • Tapping on "Month" shows the list of "Weeks/Days" pages

  • Tap the "Month" button at the bottom right of the screen

    • NOTE: The "Edit" button at the top of the screen will now allow you to edit the currently selected "Month". This allows you to change the month's image and theme color

  • To change the currently selected "Month" and view it's week/day pages, Tap the "Circle" between the "Year" and "Month" buttons

  • To add a "Week/Day" page to the Month, Tap the "+" in the upper right of the "Month" screen

    • NOTE: Each month starts with no Week/Day pages added